Tortas de Aceite

Tortas de Aceite Blog invites you to discover our Spanish OLIVE OIL TORTAS, the best way to enjoy your drinks and meals. All our Olive Oil Tortas are made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Tortas de Aceite

Posted on Friday, December 13th, 2013

Vegajardin celebrates its 15th anniversary by recovering an antique Spanish recipe used centuries ago and adapting it to today’s tastes.  The result is a delicious healthy delicacy that delights even the most demanding palates: Vegajardin Tortas de Aceite Artesanas.

Hands and know-how of artisans and traditional cooks play the most important role in its elaboration, then Vegajardin Tortas are hand-made and wrapped, keeping the genuine recipe used centuries ago that has been passed on from generation to generation.

Vegajardin presents four delicious varieties:

Anise Tortas
Lemmon & Cinnamon Tortas
Orange Tortas
Fine Herbs Tortas

This natural, healthy and light snack is ideal for breakfast or snacks, accompanied with coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Also perfect for desserts with jams. Have tortas de aceite with fresh cheese and jam, they will amaze you!

Certenly Vegajardin Olive Oil Tortas, also known as Süßes Fladengebäck and Galettes Sucrées, can be bought in many countries very soon!

Find serving and consuming suggestions, curiosities, recipes and much more at

A delicious way of enjoying Spanish gastronomy!


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